North East Forestry Group


“It’s a wise man who plants trees whose shade he will never sit.”

North East Forestry Group

Navan  |  Co Meath  |  Republic of Ireland

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Established May 2013


Contact details posted on this notice board are provided for general information purposes only, and should under no circumstances be taken as an endorsement of the contents or practices of those companies/individuals posted.

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Forestry Measuring Instruments and Equipment

If there is a company/individual that you feel warrants being added to the above list, which will benefit your fellow members, please e-mail the Secretary by clicking here, and your suggestion will be put before the North East Forestry Group at the next available meeting.

Input from our Group members is always welcome and very much appreciated.

Kestrel Forestry


Co Wexford

Contact:  Sean Lenihan

Phone Number:  0402 37519

Mobile Number:  087 206 9277

Forestry Equipment

Irish Forest Products


Co Limerick

Phone Number:  061 351181

Deer Culling/Management

Patrick McArdle

28 Cabragh


Co Monaghan

Mobile Number:  061 351181

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Holds a hunting permit and is fully insured with NARGC through Castleblayney Gun Club.

Forest Harvesting Companies

Veon Ltd

(formerly Forest Enterprises Ltd)

1 Leopardstown Business Park


Dublin 18

Contact:  Joe Codd

Phone Number:  1800 719 399 or 01 621 9406

Mobile Number:  087 983 7462

Please click here to send an e-mail to Veon Ltd.

Euro Forest Ireland Limited

(formerly Forward Forestry)

Arklow Business Enterprise Centre

Kilbride Industrial Estate



Co Wicklow

Y14 T440

Phone Number:  0402 26500 (main number)

Mark Hogan:  086 257 6780

Marcus Hanbidge:  087 753 1422

Pesticide Courses and Chainsaw Courses

Chainsaw Ireland

Contact:  Adrian Smith

Mobile Number:  087 168 8047

Adrian Smith, a chainsaw instructor, is holding a chainsaw course in Athboy, if any of our members are interested, please call Adrian directly on the above mobile number for details.

Adrian can also deliver the following courses:

  1. BulletChainsaw basic felling techniques (and refresher)

  2. Felling and processing trees (up to and over 380mm)

  3. Felling small trees (and refresher)

  4. Felling medium trees (and refresher)

  5. Chainsaw maintenance, cross cutting and basic felling (and refresher)

  6. BulletChainsaw maintenance, cross cutting, felling and processing trees

  7. Chainsaw maintenance, cross cutting and felling small trees (and refresher)

  8. Chainsaw maintenance

  9. Chainsaw maintenance and crossing cutting (and refresher)

  10. Cross cut timber using of chainsaw

  11. Dealing with individual windblown trees

  12. Dealing with individual and multiple windblown trees (and experienced operator)

  13. Dealing with multiple windblown trees

  14. Using a powered pole pruner

  15. BulletWoodchipper (and refresher)

  16. BulletBoom Sprayer - Hydraulic Nozzle - PA2

  17. BulletBoom Sprayer - Rotary Atomiser

  18. BulletHand Held Applicators - Hydraulic Nozzle - PA6 (PA1 + PA6)

  19. BulletHand Held Applicators - Rotary Atomiser

  20. BulletSafe Use of Pesticides - PA1

  21. BulletASSESSOR - Pesticides qualifications

North West Forest Services Ltd

Contact:  Sevanna Anderson (Training Co-ordinator)

Phone:  074 913 2033

North West Forest Services Ltd have provided the following information on Pesticide Courses and Chainsaw Courses.  Please click on the following links for course information and price list:

  1. BulletNorth West Forest Services Chainsaw Courses Information Sheet.pdf

  2. BulletNorth West Forest Services Courses Details Pesticide and Horticultural.pdf

  3. BulletNorth West Forest Services Courses 2016 Price List.pdf

If you wish to contact North West Forest Services Ltd regarding their courses, please click here to send them an e-mail or alternatively visit their website by click the following:

Small Scale Harvesting & Extraction and Forestry Related Training

SW Forestry & Training

Contact:  Seamus Whelan

Mobile Number:  087 682 7672

Please click here to send an e-mail to SW Forestry

Forestry extraction using a mini forwarder.  The small forwarder enables Seamus to provide a forestry service to owners of previously inaccessible and commercially non-viable areas, i.e:

  1. Bulletenvironmentally sensitive areas

  2. Bulletnarrow line extraction

  3. Bulletpeatlands

  4. Bulletwetlands

Customised mobile training for delivery of forestry related training in situ within forestry sites.  Seamus is qualified to offer training at all levels to the industry’s accepted standards, i.e:

  1. BulletCity and Guilds

  2. BulletNPTC

  3. BulletLantra Awards

Andrew McKeever

Green Field House



Co Meath

Mobile Number:  087 667 0519

First Thinning, Extraction and Maintenance

Richard Cassidy



Co Monaghan

Mobile Number:  087 644 9929

Please click here to send an e-mail to Richard

Fully insured, certified and tax registered.

  1. BulletPesticide application/spraying

  2. BulletManual chain saw tree felling - large or small

  3. BulletPruning and general forestry maintenance

  4. BulletLawn and hedge cutting

  5. BulletFirst thinning of forestry

Hardwood thinning (chainsaw) and extraction with forest tractor and log trailer.

All general saw work.

Deer management.

Fully insured, certified and registered.

Robert Kirwan Forestry



Co Kildare

W23 AX9K

Phone Number:  01 627 0800

Mobile Number:  087 941 1866

Please click here to send an e-mail to Robert Kirwan Forestry.

Average Timber Prices as at April 2021



Timber Prices

2.5 Pallet Wood

€45 - €55

Pulp Wood

€28 - €34

Saw Log

€90 - €100

Stake Wood

€38 - €44

Worrell Harvesting Ltd




County Laois

R32 DH67

Phone Number:  045 529 574

Fax Number:  045 529 575

Worrell Harvesting Ltd is a family run business and are involved in forestry for the last 20 years.

For more details, please visit their website:

Small Scale Harvesting & Deer Management


The Forestry Company

East Park House

Marina Commercial Park


Phone Number:  021 432 2870

For more details, please visit their website:

Custom Made Hurleys & Repairs

A M Hurleys

Cordvelis North


Co Monaghan

Contact:  Aidan Morgan

Mobile Number:  083 199 9966

Please click here to send an e-mail to A M Hurleys

Interested in Ash for Hurley Butts - Irish handcrafted custom made hurleys and repairs.

SWS Forestry Services

Gate Lodge

West Cork Technology Park


Co Cork

Contact Name:  Barry Roche, BSc Forestry

Barry’s Mobile Number:  087 737 6189

Phone Number:  1800 928 900

Please click here to send Barry an e-mail.

Established in 1986 and manages over 36,000ha.

Services provided are as follows:

  1. Bulletafforestation

  2. Bulletreforestation

  3. Bulletland acquisition/investment

  4. Bulletroading

  5. Bulletthinning/harvesting

  6. Bulletpost 4 year management

  7. Bullet4 - 10 year management plans

  8. Bullet10 - 20 year management plans

  9. BulletWoodland Improvement Scheme (WIS)

  10. Bulletvaluations

  11. Bulletplantation insurance

For more details, please visit their website:

  1. BulletHardwood selling at €2,000 per load roadside.

Please Note:  All prices are plus 5.6% farmers’ VAT rate for non-registered farmers.

The following prices are roadside, per tonne.  Also, there are some exceptions for different sites:

Sean Rafferty

Please click here to send Sean an e-mail.

Mobile Number:  086 338 7549

  1. Bulletdeer management/stalker

  2. Bulletfully insured

  3. Bulletholds National Accredited Certificate (Hunter Competence Assessment Programme - HCAP)

  4. BulletCoillte approved

  5. Bulletmany years of experience in all species of deer.

  6. BulletSean also uses a deer tracking dog to aid in the recovery of lost or injured deer.  This is a free service.

Notice Board

3.1/3.7 Pallet Wood

€70 - €75